Thursday, November 11, 2010

how many showers a week does one REALLY need?!

in the past few years, partly out of lack of time and partly out of laziness, i stopped bathing daily. during the summer, i find myself bathing more often just for the refreshment of it but in the winter, i often go a week between showers. about the same time, i gave up commercial deodorant. most days i go without but if i feel i need a little help, i use patchouli essential oil.

apparently, this is becoming the newest trend.

i have found that with less washing, my body is less dry and my hair is not oily at all.

i think americans are overly obsessed with cleanliness, personal hygiene and germs in general and this is making us susceptible to super germs such as mrsa.

i think it would be great if more americans took on a challenge to bathe less for a month! wouldn't that be a fun challenge to see taking over america? i wonder how many americans would be willing to shower only 3 times a week for a month!


Anonymous said...

I have to did you handle your cycle with showering only a few times a week?

tansy said...

annette, my cycles are light and only last about 4 days but i do tend to shower more, sometimes daily. i find when i use natural sea sponges for the majority of my cycle versus the cloth pads that there is less of a need to shower as well.

Anonymous said...

ah, ok. I wondered. Currently use the diva cup which does the trick. Will check out the sea sponges.


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